Monday, March 13, 2006

Cricket in movies!

The amount of hype in the british public and media during the ashes test series between australia and england is admirable!
Even hollywood machine runs with the help of many british people,its sad that only three movies were based on the game cricket ,evr in hollywood....
Most recent of them is 'Wondorous oblivion'.(2003).. a story about a jewish young lad's desire to learn cricket and his friendship with the west indian neighbour,who was a genuine cricket fan,who turns out be his coach in the back drop of 1950s ,racially not so liberal london!
and 'Playing away' (1987) was a mishit movie... a comedy based on a local match between british whites and west indian settlers, in a small village in england....
But i have to say... the finest movie based on cricket ever made was in 1952... 'The final test'
It was the story about the final test match of the legendary cricket player Sam Palmer(Jack Warner)...
He was playing against australia at oval, and expecting his son Reggae, to come and visit the match!
But Reggae was a budding poet... instead going to his father's final test , he went to visit the famous poet Alexander Whitehead!
To his surprise,Alexander was glued to the television watching the match his dad playing!
When Alexander came to know who the young visitor was.. he was really furious... and along with the boy he was in a rush,to attend that test!
Len Hutton and Denis Compton... were the legendary players who showed their faces in this film...
a must watch film for cricket lovers!
If the game cricket is played in a firing way, displayed by aussies and south africans yesterday(oh!.. what could i say except..great match ever played)... the cricket fever will catch up the whole world...
Then the british wont hesitate on making movies on the game they found named 'cricket'.. and hope they wont wait until for their first world cup win!!! Posted by Picasa

Friday, March 10, 2006

Scientology... hollywood's new religion!

Tom Cruise is the poster boy of the new religion called 'Scientology'...
'scientology' was invented by L.Ron Hubbard in early 1950s, which have become so popular recently, after a series of hollywood celebrities 'Converted' to this religion and one of its newest convert is 'Katie Holmes' who in turn is one of the newest wives of 'Tom Cruise'...
'Scientology' is a vast subject with numerous jargons, you browse through the links to know it in detailed way... i just here give an outline,,,
As any other religion it tries to heal our soul!
It preaches Extra terrestrials , about 75 million years ago led a concentration camp on humans similar to hitler's holocaust and they implanted some thing called 'Thetons' a spritual parasite, on every survived human!(the whole fiction is termed as 'the story of Xenu')
'Scientology' is nothing but the technique to remove the Thetons(remember its founder Hubbard was a famous science fiction writer... any way my head has already started spinning in fear of my corrrupted soul;))
All who want to be termed as 'clear' ,i mean.theton free pure soul should go to a 'auditor' in the church of scientology,who by using technique called 'Dianetics' which use to scan our soul and pluck out the malwares termed 'anagram', which is nothing but an abberations which is the route cause of all human sorrow...(no no its not desire as buddha said,its 'Anagram' ..please note it in your lap top)
And its chief rivals are orthodox churches(as it claims jesus as an imaginary character implanted in our memory in one of an E.T's mass brain washing programmes) and Psychiatrists(obviously those who wants scientific proof... science in 'scientology??? you must be kidding:))
Hubbard once in an interview "if you want to become a billionare start a religion of your own"... i think he is one of those rare man who followed his own advise!
Anyway there is another group of people trying to save us from this religion...I think, we have Already enough religions and gods to fight for and to plant bomb all over the world to protect our gods... i dont want 'Jehadis' from a new religion! Posted by Picasa

I have heard of an ardent fan site for an actor...
But first time i am hearing a site exclusively started to condemn an actor, for taking up a role...
The site name is and it is dedicated to preaching against the actor Daniel Craig(ya.. the small guy with that big gun in the picture),for playing James bond in the forthcoming movie 'Casino Royale'... They say a blonde couldnt be bond, especially a short blonde, and that too a short rugged faced blonde and to add one more adjuctive unromantic short rugged face blonde bond like Daniel craig should never be in the shoes of 007...
so the site vigorously pleading all those true bond fans to boycott the movie...
But... to see the hype created,even though negative, i think it will make even a Bond hater ,a bit curious about this movie and ironically it is going to do fair at box office i think!(and the film crew should definitely thank this site... for free publicity)
Are you a bond fan? Posted by Picasa

Hollywood,Me and the romance!

It all started in a late spring of 1987 saturday!
As a small town 8 year old kid, i havent much to do at weekends, except to feed the chidambaram natarajar temple tank fish ,with 'pori' or if lucky to tune into a radio station for the hardly understandable hindi live commentry of some cricket match!
My father, for a change, took me to the chidambaram 'Vaduganathan ' theatre showing an english movie called 'Two policemen',an out and out comedy(i searched whole net to collect data about this movie,but in vain.. it seems this movie has just disappeared from the records)
They use to show english movies ,only at weekends and only at the morning show...
Anyway, its love at second sight!
After a while,i accompanied my dad to another movie named 'King solomen mines'... to my kid's eyes, that movie seemed to be a magnonimous magic,in every way(its hard to digest the harsh reviews at IMDB on my first love)!
I was as curious as that lion watching 'Richard Chamberlain' kissing 'Sharon Stone',inside that huge tumbled canniabal's pot!
I had fallen in love with my head over my heal, my heal over my hand ,and my hand over my head... with Hollywood!
Then i used to nudge my dad at weekends,as i am my dad's pet he had no other choice to heed to his darling son!
Great movies back to back...'the protector'(later i learned it was jackie chan's first hollywood film),'the legend of Bruce Lee','Mad max'(which made 'Mel Gibson' a star in hollywood')!
But my romance then was too brief...
As usual i went with my dad to the movie 'The Ghost busters'(part 2)... but it had some scenes not appropriate to my age, and the also showed the trailer of forth coming movie 'Gremlins' which again not suitable to a pure good kid, like me!
I remember still... i was crying, stamping,protesting the next saturday, but my father adamantly refused to take me to that movie!
I thrown all my kiddish curses on my dad... as a reward for my great behaviour, he stopped taking me to movies then!
and 10 years latter, i took my father to a movie called 'Titanic' at Maruthi theatre,coimbatore!
Rose wanted Jack to paint her with the diamond... with the diamond only!
I wanted to say to my dad,"Iam a man now, dad... and no reason to stop my romance here after" Posted by Picasa

Thursday, March 09, 2006

Jon Stewart ... the host paradox

The opening to the Oscar Awards was cool...
Jon stewart made the ordinary viewers laugh but made the celebrities twitch with some targeted pricky jokes... here are some of the pranks he pulled out effectively...
A nice self-deprecating start with Jon Stewart insinuating he was the last choice to host...(after whoopi ,after mel)
Great funny video... !
His best line was in regards to rampant piracy of DVDs... He scolded the audience... "not to take money out of the hands of these needy Hollywood stars here tonight... some of whom could barely afford enough gown to cover their breasts!"(with Salma hayek blinking whether to laugh)
He called the movie Walk the Line, "Ray" with white people. Jamie Foxx laughs. Star of Walk the Line' Joaquin Phoenix' does not...(pity!he was in constipation... thats what it seemed)
Stewart had a great skit about aceptance speeches going on too long, enacted brilliantly by Tom Hanks(it came to my mind when witherspoon made her speech). The orchestra actually comes on stage to crowd him out and shoot a poison dart in his neck... funny!(but to the safety of witherspoon,the orchestra was underground)
Jon Stewart's video of "non-gay" westerns was pretty tickling. Especially the line that just happened to be in an Old Western:
"Whatever happens is strictly between you, me... and the horse."
Jon Stewart is Jewish. So he commented on Spielberg's films:" Schindler's List, Munich... I cant wait to see what happens to us next!"
By joking his own community... even though entertained the whole audience, he will go in academy records as.. host paradox!

A good news and a bad news!

Do you like maddona as an actress?
or do you hate her like me?
you may belong to either category... here is a good news and a bad news!
Maddona said yesterday she was going to quit acting ...
i am throwing in a party at home tonight to celebrate this... every body invited(warning:Her movie 'Swept away' directed by her husband 'Guy Ritchie' will be screened in the party)
She is a woman of golden voice, i accept... but that doesnt mean i have to sit through her awful acting!
anyway whats the other news...
she is going to follow her hussy... she is going to direct films!
oh my god!... SOS hollywood

Rachel weisz!

George was a famous hungarian scientist... of his many invention's three inventions are extremly popular...
One ,the respirators used in the emergency rooms of hospitals, which could adjust themselves the flow of oxygen and second, a machine which sniffs out the land mines... both are extremly useful and life saving!
and his third invention is mind boggling...
and named Rachel Weisz!
ya... George is no one else but the beloved father of Rachel Weisz!
And she is a favourite of doctors too... royal college of radiologists made her as patron of The X appeal, a charity organization!
As most of us indians... i had my first glimpse of her in the subcontinenetal super duper hit 'Mummy',as that silly liberarian ,who succusfully pulls down all the book racks of the liberary!
She collected the oscar for supporting actress this year, for her role as social activist named 'Tessa Quayle' in the movie 'The constant gardener'!
After seeing this buxom lady's cerebral acting in the constant garden, we couldnt stop cursing her for choosing dumb films like 'constantine' earlier...
In the company of the handsome oscar,let us believe,in future she could get fine characters to portray her calibre...
I am eagerly expecting her in 'the lady from sanghai'...
My favourite Rachel Weisz flicks are 'Enemy at the gates' and 'The constant gardener', former with Joseph and later with Ralph... the Fiennes brothers! Posted by Picasa

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